Abide In My Love

Abide In My Love

More Divine Help for Today's Needs

Companion to I am with you - words of divine encouragement.


Since 1985 I Am With You has become established as a much-loved devotional book, in constant use by many thousands of people around the world. Further inspiring words, received in times of prayer by Fr John Woolley, are contained in this new volume, Abide in My Love. The life-changing and peace-giving words of the Lord Jesus, through his Holy Spirit, are certain to be experienced in this companion to I Am With You. It offers unique help for the road and will prove indispensable for times of prayer and study.

Abide in My Love is one in a series of devotional books of "heart whispers" which John Woolley received from the Lord during prayer. Companion volumes published by O Books are I Am With You, I am with You for Young People and the Young at Heart and Many Mansions.

I Am With You will bring peace and consolation to all who read it.
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor, Archbishop of Westminster


This is written as a sequel to I Am With You and is termed as Treasured words of divine inspiration as given to Fr John Woolley. Abide in My Love was first published in 2002 and now appears in this paperback edition. This book is not intended for a quick read through: used as a part of daily devotion it can be meditated upon to enrich our Christian understanding. ~ Mary Bartholomew, thegoodbookstall.org.uk

This lovely little book is a collection of short reflections from Fr.John Woolley's deep prayer life, written in a very personal way.  If you are looking for something to enhance your quiet time, this could be the book for you.

~ Mark Johnson, The Diocese of Hereford Newspaper

I Am With You will bring peace and consolation to all who read it. ~ Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster

A very special book, which will bless countless people. ~ Prebendary John Pearce, Church of England Newspaper

A lovely book of devotions. We use it daily. ~ Dr Donald English, former President, Methodist Conference

Reading it is a real joy. ~ Bishop John Crowley

The most wonderful book I have ever read. ~ Fr Tom Cass

John Woolley
John Woolley The Rev. John Woolley was ordained a priest in the Church of England in 1964 and served parishes in Liverpool Diocese for many years before ...

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