Christianity in 10 Minutes

Christianity in 10 Minutes

An ABC of Christianity and its message


You want to know about Christianity? This short, but profound, "ten minute guide" will help begin to unfold the mystery. Starting with the gospel story, it moves on to the intuitive response to God, the desire for meaning, and how the story can change your life. It answers for the modern reader the lawyers question to Jesus; "What must I do to inherit eternal life?"


The most valuable 10 minutes you will spend this year. Gospel truth. The essence of Christianity, simply and memorably explained. Read it. ~ Peter Bennett-Jones, Chair of Comic Relief

Could not have been published at a more propitious time in world temporal and religious affairs. Canon Mountford sets forth the essentials of Christian truth that transcend reality. In doing so he aids the preachers whose adherence to inerrancy does more to diminish than to fortify and reinforce it. ~ Alexander Kern, Professor of Theology, University of Illinois

An informative read for a christian newcomes or someone completely unfamiliar with the faith alltogether. The author covers essential questions in a most helpful way to readers looking for quick information. ~ , Methodist Recorder

This is a skilfully written and thought-provoking book. I wouldn't have believed that you could introduce Christianity so effectively in so few words had I not read it. But the author cuts through centuries of dogma and historical debate to present a simple and unchanging truth. The essence of Christianity lies in the story of the Gospel and how each individual responds to it and not in the cultural accretions that followed. As a basic introduction, as a statement that drives to the essence of the faith, this is a far more instructive read than many of the longer and more historical introductions I have encountered. Read it and believe again that religion really can be uncomplicated, elegant and worthwhile. ~ Trevor Greenfield, Author of Introduction to Radical Theology

There is nothing simplistic or confused about Brian Mountford's Christianity in 10 Minutes. It does not offer a take-it-or-leave-it Christianity. It was written, in the first place, for those drawn to visit historic churches such as the University Church in Oxford, of which Mountford is vicar, but who cannot make sense of the Christian faith because they do not know the story. This is a good book to give to enquirers, and one that could provide useful material for group discussion. ~ Canon Bruce Duncan, Church Times

What I liked most about this book was the author's clarity and simplicity, together with a comprehensiveness which could state that no one part of the Church has the whole truth. Yes, I would certainly offer this book to an enquirer. ~ , Franciscan

If you want to begin at the beginning with the Christian faith, I can't think of a better way than by sitting down and reading this little book through. Plain-spoken, straightforward, succinct, here is a fresh introduction to the essentials-what Christians believe, how and why they believe what they do, what difference it can all make. If you've been around churches all your life and never fully grasped what it's all about, this is a superb refresher. If Christian faith is brand new to you, what a helpful first step you're holding in your hands. ~ Rev. Dr. Sam Lloyd, Dean of the National Cathedral, Washington DC

Brian Mountford
Brian Mountford Brian Mountford MBE is a Fellow of St Hilda's College, Oxford and a free lance writer and speaker. Until 2016 he was the Vicar of the univer...
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