Giving and Receiving Hospitality [Youth]

Giving and Receiving Hospitality [Youth]

Faith Practices(r) series

How have you been excluded? What has created within others the sense that you have belonged? Read this book and risk being changed.


    Is this you? For youth (11 - 15 years), identity and acceptance are key issues. The biggest questions are, "Do I truly belong? And if so, how and why?"

    This book helps you tackle the challenge of hospitality in two ways. First, you are encouraged to explore your own need for hospitality. How have you been welcomed, or excluded? What has created within others the sense that you have belonged? Second, how can you risk vulnerability it takes to know and be known by "the other"? Read this book and risk being changed.

    Lori Keller Schroeder
    Lori Keller Schroeder As a counselor and pastor, LORI KELLER SCHROEDER works to increase the light of joy and faith in the lives of those with whom she comes in c...

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