God Calling

God Calling

365 messages of encouragement channelled from Christ to two anonymous "Listeners"


Consistently one of our top sellers, over 6 million worldwide. First published in 1935. Those who have suffered pain and worry know how hard it is to write of serenity within. The message of comfort and hope that breathes through the pages of God Calling was forged out of adversity, and as a result has touched the hearts of millions, making this one of the bestselling devotional books of all time.
There is a companion volume with more received messages, God Calling 2.

A. J. Russell
A. J. Russell The two authors were ladies with a deep Christian faith, one an Anglican, one a Roman Catholic, and retired school teachers. They were good ...
God Calling 2 by A. J. Russell

God Calling 2

God At Eventide-companion to God Calling 1

A. J. Russell

From the Bottom of the Pond by Simon Small

From the Bottom of the Pond

The forgotten art of experiencing God in the depths of the present moment

Simon Small

Abide In My Love by John Woolley

Abide In My Love

More Divine Help for Today's Needs

John Woolley

Wisdom from the Western Isles by David Torkington

Wisdom from the Western Isles

The Making of a Mystic

David Torkington

Tomorrow's Faith by Adrian B. Smith

Tomorrow's Faith

A New Framework for Christian Belief

Adrian B. Smith

Naturalist and the Christ, The by Tim Heaton

Naturalist and the Christ, The

A Lent Course Based on the Film Creation

Tim Heaton

Christianity in 10 Minutes by Brian Mountford

Christianity in 10 Minutes

Brian Mountford