God Calling 2

God Calling 2

God At Eventide-companion to God Calling 1

More messages to two anonymous ladies, Two Listeners, this series has proved to be one of the best selling devotional books of all time.


Written over half a century ago and first published in 1950 by two ladies, the "Two Listeners", who wished to remain anonymous, this has had proved one of the best selling devotional books of all time. With its companion volume, sales are well over 10 million copies worldwide. Those who have suffered pain and worry know how hard it is to write of serenity within. The message of comfort and hope that breathes through the pages of God Calling was forged out of adversity, and as a result has touched the hearts of millions. LAW OF SUPPLY When supply seems to have failed, you must know that it has not done so. But you must look around to see what you can give away. Give away something.


Originally written in 1950 by two ladies who wished to remain anonymous and called themselves The Two Listeners, this well loved little book is still in print, showing what valued help it has given throughout several generations. The introduction to this and all previous editions is called "The Reason Why" and explains how the book was written to compliment the original volume God Calling published fifteen years before. Dated for use throughout any year, these are quite short pieces that give the basis for meditation during each day. They are not related to particular Bible readings but have been found by many to aid their worship and understanding of our God. ~ Mary Bartholomew, thegoodbookstall.org.uk

A. J. Russell
A. J. Russell The two authors were ladies with a deep Christian faith, one an Anglican, one a Roman Catholic, and retired school teachers. They were good ...
God Calling by A. J. Russell

God Calling

A. J. Russell

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