Liberating Privilege

Liberating Privilege

The Breakthrough of God and the Persistence of Normality

The book raises the question, “Can a straight, white, male make a contribution to liberation theology?”


With uninterrogated legitimacy, a number of straight, white, males have authored contributions to liberation theology. No “Pedagogy of the Privileged” exists to problematize their initiatives. Conveniently ignored is the condition of liberation theology that its matrix is singularity oppression. Does the setting of privilege disqualify their initiatives? Straight, white, males are seldom victims of oppressive forces: more often they are the perpetrators. Privilege, like radon, permeates their context.
Is privilege fatal? Is it possible to dislocate? Is there precedence for an authentic contribution? Liberating Privilege addresses the liability of context and develops a response from Scripture. Ultimately, it hinges on “The breakthrough of God” and aligns with it.

David O. Woodyard
David O. Woodyard David O. Woodyard is Professor of Religion, Denison University, Alumni Chair.
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