Scarlet Cord, The

Scarlet Cord, The

Conversations With God's Chosen Women

Voiceless wax figures no longer, twelve biblical women, outspoken, independent, faithful, selfless, risk-takers, come to life in The Scarlet Cord.


The Scarlet Cord: Conversations With God s Chosen Women tells the story of biblical women in a new way, drawing the reader further down her spiritual path and closer to Christ. And here is why: for too long, women in the Bible have been demonized, sanctified or simply misunderstood, leaving highly stereotyped figures in their wake. As a result, passionate, faithful and bright individuals, from Eve to Ruth to Mary Magdalene, have lost meaning for many contemporary Christians and non-Christians alike.

Here, through storytelling and artwork, twelve compelling women of the Bible invite readers to step further into the sacred circle of God s people, deepening their faith and joy in all of creation. That circle offers more than peace. It offers health, healing, and the knowledge that other women have also trod broken and jagged paths in their search for wholeness.

By taking this step, the reader will discover that challenges experienced by biblical women are not so different from her own, including infertility, warfare, hunger, old age, grief and sexual conflict.


Lindsay Hardin Freeman takes us to the very heart of biblical women. Her book puts the Bible upside down for us because it has been taught by males for generations. What a refreshing perspective! Her characters are so real, breathtakingly human and intimate, not sentimental or sugar-coated. What a wonderful new way to do Bible study. ~ The Rev. Canon Louis (Skip) Schueddig, President, The Alliance for Christian Media and Day1, Atlanta, Georgia

Women of every faith in the Congo and Darfur, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to a meaningful degree, everywhere on the planet, are still struggling and suffering. Thus, this re-articulation of the biblical stories, as it underscores dignity, respect and support for women, is as timely today as ever. May this insightful and heartwarming endeavor be a vigorous reminder of human potential and justice. ~ Barbara Forster, The Tandem Project in support of the United Nations; past Chair, Board of Directors, American Refugee Committee

Women often play key roles in scripture, but their stories are usually told from the point of view of one of the male characters. Lindsay Hardin Freeman brings twelve women to life, giving them voices of their own. We discover layers of meaning previously overlooked. ~ Richard H. Schmidt, Excecutive Director (former), Forward Movement Publications

Lindsay Hardin Freeman's work is a generous and imaginative gift to her sisters! ~ The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg, Episcopal News Service National Correspondent

There's a dirty truth about theology. Almost all of it has been written by men. In The Scarlet Cord, Lindsay Hardin Freeman tells the story we male theologians have overlooked, or simply passed by. Deeply personal, intensely engaging of mind and emotion, these stories help us get inside people who grappled with God in our familiar biblical stories. ~ Loren B. Mead, Founder, The Alban Institute, Washington DC

An absolute and rare gem! In a book market filled with trite and feel-good spirituality, Freeman offers an engaging, pastoral and honest portrayal of biblical women that will engage and transform the hearts of both men and women. She offers a vast range of emotions including conflicting hopes, redeemed anger and transformed pain. Highly recommended. ~ The Very Rev. Spenser D. Simrill, Dean, St. Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anyone who has been disappointed (or outraged) by the one-dimensional treatment women in the Bible receive from Hollywood (or Broadway), the news media, schools and, dare I say it? -- the Church, will be thrilled with Lindsay Hardin Freeman's work. Brava! ~ Sarah Bartenstein, Director of Communications, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia

This is a much needed book! All will enjoy and learn the important roles women played in Scripture, in biblical history, and in the lives of those who continue to seek God at work in the world about us. By revealing the personalities behind unique and compelling women in the Bible, The Scarlet Cord also draws out our own stories. Bravo! ~ The Rev. Peggy E. Tuttle, National Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations; Churches United in Christ (CUIC) Racial Justice Task Force

An important book on women and the Bible for general and devotional readers as well as serious biblical students and scholars. What truly distinguishes this book are the highly readable stories and portraits of each woman, warts-and-all, as they try to deal with life's joys and challenges in the context of faith -- not unlike women today! ~ The Rev. Dr. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, Professor of Religious Education, Claremont School of Theology

The Scarlet Cord is more than a collection of biblical heroine tales. It is an illuminated manuscript in the literal sense. Karen Canton's vibrant portraits paired with Lindsay Hardin Freeman's bold and lucid retellings shed light on those too often overshadowed. This book proves that a modern woman can still look to these timeless stories to find inspiration, empowerment, and most of all, herself. ~ Pam Grossman, Curator,

What went through the mind of Rahab, the harlot, or Deborah, the warrior? And what was it like to be Mary, Jesus' mother? You will be glad to have met them anew. ~ A. Wayne Schwab, Director, Member Mission Network, Plattsburgh, New York

In a wonderful and powerful way, Lindsay Hardin Freeman brings to life compelling women of the Bible. No longer just characters, they are now people, with an important story to tell. Both women and men will find their understanding of the Bible enriched and deepened. ~ The Rev. Noel Bailey, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Lancaster, New Hampshire

With Lindsay Hardin Freeman's riveting first-person narratives and Karen Canton's brilliant portraits, this book will inspire all God's children who seek new ways to understand Scripture and who love a great story! ~ Roxanne Ezell, Calvin Presbyterian Church, Long Lake, Minnesota, and The Rev. Dr. Roger Ezell, Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area.

The Scarlet Cord -- what a treat! I am excited for Karen Canton and Lindsay Hardin Freeman to see how this project has developed. It reads well and the paintings, I love. It will touch a lot of lives and I look forward to purchasing a copy for myself! Blessings ~ Georgia Wiester, Presbyterian Community, Buellton, California

The Scarlet Cord, a treasure trove of vivid and compelling reimaginings, gives us access to life stories that can illuminate our dark places and help us make meaning of our lives. ~ Barbara Braver, writer, editor, and former Assistant for Communication to Frank T. Griswold, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Something in my soul was awakened upon reading The Scarlet Cord. From Deborah to Mary, the courage, passion, strength and leadership showed by these women gave me inspiration and hope. ~ Karen Greenfeld, Roman Catholic Church of St. Gabriel, Bronx, New York

With sensitivity and flair, Lindsay Freeman offers a creative new perspective from which to view and relate to women of the Bible. Karen Canton's pictures are imaginative and simply beautiful. An inspired collaboration which I look forward to owning, savoring, and sharing. ~ The Rev. Canon Jean Parker Vail, Durham, North Carolina, author, In the Name of God: Exploring God's Love in Prayer and Pulpit.

These biblical vignettes explore womanhood by mining the familiar stories for new life-affirming insights. Canton's stunning images and Freeman's personal re-telling create a reflective pool for observing calmly the historic and defining truths of female presence in a male dominated narrative. ~ Mark J. Duffy, Director of Archives, The Archives of the Episcopal Church

We are able to take strength from these remarkable women who speak to us like our neighbors and friends, who reveal their doubts, their fears, their faith. In them we find examples to help us through challenges we see before us today. ~ Carol Barnwell, Director of Communication, Diocese of Texas

The Scarlet Cord speaks so to my heart. People in the Bible come alive as this book changes them from just "names" into real people. Magnificent reading! ~ Betty Zulch, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Mount Pleasant, Texas

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