Tomorrow's Faith

Tomorrow's Faith

A New Framework for Christian Belief


There is a gap between the formulation of the ancient Creeds and the way we understand religious truths today. Scientific knowledge and Biblical studies have evolved. We no longer express an understanding of our world as our grandparents or even parents did.

30 short chapters here provide a comprehensive, contemporary alternative to traditional expressions of belief.


Tomorrow's Christian and Tomorrow's Faith make an enormous contribution to our search for the way forward and cannot be too highly recommended. ~ Marie Mares, New Vision

This is the most significant book for Christian thinking so far this millennium. If this does not become a standard textbook for theological and ministerial education, then shame on the institutions! ~ Revd Dr Meic Phillips, Presbyterian

Seeks to encourage a discovery for ourselves of an understanding which will help us on our spiritual journey by leading is to a new awareness of a richness in Christian beliefs. ~ Dallas Edmonds, Open Centres

I enjoyed the book immensely and believe it makes a positive contribution to the debate. ~ Bishp John Shelby Spong

A courageous and imaginative attempt to clear away the debris so that the Water of Life may bubble up to cleanse and renew our lives and our society. ~ Revd Marcus Braybrooke, President, World Congress of Faiths

No one can read it without being stimulated. ~ Rt Revd Hugh Montefiore, Formerly Bishop of Birmingham

To be used rather than read. It offers an understanding of Christian faith which is contemporary and intelligible. ~ Revd Alan Horner, The Living Spirituality Network

I greatly enjoyed reading this book and thoroughly recommend it. ~ Mary Sherman, Catholic People's Weeks

Searching and brilliant. ~ Revd David Charles Edwards, Anglican commentator

This is quite unlike any other theology book I have ever read. Always both provocative and illuminating; provocative in that the contemporary understanding challenges the traditional and leaves the reader either wanting to defend the traditional or being very grateful that someone had the guts to challenge it. This book, in 30 short chapters, provides a contemporary alternative way of thinking about traditional Christian doctrine. ~ , Methodist Recorder

God Calling by A. J. Russell

God Calling

A. J. Russell

365 messages of encouragement channelled from Christ to two anonymous "Listeners"

From the Bottom of the Pond by Simon Small

From the Bottom of the Pond

Simon Small

" the highest form of prayer...without the act of listening words remain mere verbiage. A gem of a book." Watkins Bookshop Recommendation

Naturalist and the Christ, The by Tim Heaton

Naturalist and the Christ, The

Tim Heaton

God and evolution, God and suffering - a search for Darwins God.

Christianity in 10 Minutes by Brian Mountford

Christianity in 10 Minutes

Brian Mountford

An ABC of Christianity and its message

Suffering: if God exists, why doesn't he stop it? by John Morris

Suffering: if God exists, why doesn't he stop it?

John Morris

Don't blame legendary Adam (or Dawkins)! Suffering is unavoidable in God's best possible, free world, where evolution's gains outweigh losses.

Contemporary Creed (revised edition) by John Morris

Contemporary Creed (revised edition)

John Morris

Unlike Richard Dawkins, the Contemporary Creed (revised edition) sees no conflict between evolution and God, faith and modern science.

Spirituality or Religion? by Gethin Abraham-Williams

Spirituality or Religion?

Gethin Abraham-Williams

Dry Bones Can Live by John James

Dry Bones Can Live

John James

The Christian Church in the west is in rapid and serious decline. “Dry Bones can live” proposes a dynamic remedy.

Flaw in the Universe, The by Adrian Hough

Flaw in the Universe, The

Adrian Hough

Natural disasters and human suffering imply the universe is flawed. However, combining scientific and religious explanations produces a remarkable conclusion.