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Thoughtful Guide to God

Howard Jones

Jun 2006

A bridge between science and religion, and between the many different religions of the world.

Christianity in 10 Minutes

Brian Mountford

Jan 2006

An ABC of Christianity and its message

God Calling

A. J. Russell

Oct 2005

365 messages of encouragement channelled from Christ to two anonymous "Listeners"

Tomorrow's Faith

A New Framework for Christian Belief

Adrian B. Smith

Sep 2005

From the Bottom of the Pond

The forgotten art of experiencing God in the depths of the present moment

Simon Small

Sep 2007

" the highest form of prayer...without the act of listening words remain mere verbiage. A gem of a book." Watkins Bookshop Recommendation

Following the Spirit

Seeing Christian Faith Through Community Eyes

Philip Bradshaw

May 2010

Reflections on a lifetime in Christian community: what happened, how it affected life, religion and politics and ultimately shaped theology.

Wisdom from the Western Isles

The Making of a Mystic

David Torkington

Aug 2008

Spirituality or Religion?

Do we have to choose?

Gethin Abraham-Williams

Nov 2008

Something Absolute

Surviving a Miracle

Ruth Jolly

Oct 2009

A book for anyone who, for whatever reason, is thinking or re-thinking their Christianity. Something Absolute by Ruth Jolly weaves movingly and intelligently Jolly’s insights into her Christian faith with a powerful story of her son's recovery

Is Christianity Good for You?

David Fontana

Sep 2011

asks how much Christianity is still a potent, if indirect, influence upon how we live our lives.

Dry Bones Can Live

How to be part of a healthy church

John James

Apr 2010

The Christian Church in the west is in rapid and serious decline. “Dry Bones can live” proposes a dynamic remedy.

There Once Was a Serpent

A History of Theology in Limericks

Richard Kieckhefer

May 2010

A cycle of 74 limericks, with commentary, traces the history of theology from the early Church into the modern era.

Flaw in the Universe, The

Natural Disaster and Human Sin

Adrian Hough

Sep 2010

Natural disasters and human suffering imply the universe is flawed. However, combining scientific and religious explanations produces a remarkable conclusion.

Re-Storying Your Faith

Suzanne M. Coyle

Nov 2013

Re-Storying Your Faith is an exciting spiritual practice that helps you discover personal stories to enrich your spiritual journey with other people of faith.

Contemporary Creed (revised edition)

Reasonable Pathways through the Problems of Christian Beliefs and Ethics

John Morris

May 2012

Unlike Richard Dawkins, the Contemporary Creed (revised edition) sees no conflict between evolution and God, faith and modern science.

Church in the Time of Empire, The

David O. Woodyard

Nov 2011

Would a clergyperson in a church be justified in exposing America as an empire - and summon the faith community to resistance?

Naturalist and the Christ, The

A Lent Course Based on the Film Creation

Tim Heaton

Nov 2011

God and evolution, God and suffering - a search for Darwins God.

Equipping the Believer

David Corbin

May 2013

Cutting through the many religious doctrines by using the Bible to provide insight to the truths contained in the Word of God.

Simplicity of Living by Faith, The

David Corbin

Nov 2013

As Christians, we all have faith to some degree. Yet there is much confusion about faith today just as there has always been.

Sawdust on His Shirt

Rediscovering Jesus

Roger Speare

Dec 2014

Religion was not Jesus' idea. He preferred to rescue prostitutes and show us how to change the world.

Fragile Ornaments, Melting Snowflakes and the Healing Light of Christmas

Ronald William Cadmus

Dec 2014

A lyrical, gentle and uplifting message for Christmas.

Reluctant Patient: A Journey of Trust, The

Ian G. Wallis

Oct 2014

Showing how illness can yield a deeper appreciation of living as well as of those who share our journeys.

Suffering: if God exists, why doesn't he stop it?

John Morris

Jan 2016

Don't blame legendary Adam (or Dawkins)! Suffering is unavoidable in God's best possible, free world, where evolution's gains outweigh losses.