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Naturalist and the Christ, The by Tim Heaton

Naturalist and the Christ, The

Tim Heaton

Nov 2011

God and evolution, God and suffering - a search for Darwins God.

Contemporary Creed (revised edition) by John Morris

Contemporary Creed (revised edition)

John Morris

May 2012

Unlike Richard Dawkins, the Contemporary Creed (revised edition) sees no conflict between evolution and God, faith and modern science.

Intelligent Faith by John MacDonald Smith, John Quenby

Intelligent Faith

John MacDonald Smith
John Quenby

Sep 2009

Darwin thought Gods thoughts after him: in Intelligent Faith 19 scientists and theologians describe the shape of creation 150 years later. Nineteen distinguished scholars, scientists and theologians offer a tribute to Charles Darwin, marking both hi

Flaw in the Universe, The by Adrian Hough

Flaw in the Universe, The

Adrian Hough

Sep 2010

Natural disasters and human suffering imply the universe is flawed. However, combining scientific and religious explanations produces a remarkable conclusion.

Why Religions Work by Eleanor Stoneham

Why Religions Work

Eleanor Stoneham

Nov 2012

A free- thinking scientific Christian author rebukes militant atheists, defends all religions and offers refreshingly new ideas for building religious tolerance.