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God Calling by A. J. Russell

God Calling

A. J. Russell

Oct 2005

365 messages of encouragement channelled from Christ to two anonymous "Listeners"

I Am With You (Paperback) by John Woolley

I Am With You (Paperback)

John Woolley

Jan 2005

These words of divine encouragement were given to John Woolley in his work as a hospital chaplain, and have since inspired and uplifted tens of thousands, even changed their lives.

God Calling 2 by A. J. Russell

God Calling 2

God At Eventide-companion to God Calling 1

A. J. Russell

Mar 2010

More messages to two anonymous ladies, Two Listeners, this series has proved to be one of the best selling devotional books of all time.

I Am With You (hardback) by John Woolley

I Am With You (hardback)

John Woolley

Dec 2003

Abide In My Love by John Woolley

Abide In My Love

More Divine Help for Today's Needs

John Woolley

Mar 2010

Companion to I am with you - words of divine encouragement.

Housekeeping for the Soul by Sandra Carrington-Smith

Housekeeping for the Soul

A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Inner Sanctuary

Sandra Carrington-Smith

Apr 2010

The ultimate guide to a better quality of life through a deep cleansing of the soul.

Quiet Mind, A by Eva McIntyre

Quiet Mind, A

Uniting body, mind and emotions in Christian Spirituality

Eva McIntyre

Jul 2011

A practical guide to finding peace in the present moment that will change your life, heal your wounds and bring you a quiet mind.

Soulistry- Artistry of the Soul by June Maffin

Soulistry- Artistry of the Soul

Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality

June Maffin

Apr 2011

Re-connect with the intangible soul-essence of life through over 80 inspirational quotations and accompanying Soul-Questions.

Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold by Isabel Anders

Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold

A Tapestry of Mother-Daughter Wisdom

Isabel Anders

Jun 2012

A poetic perfection of biblically inspired values with a folklore feel.

Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light by Sharon  Kay Casey

Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light

Sharon Kay Casey

Oct 2015

Wonder about heaven? The answer lies within.

Finding a Way Ahead! by Angela Harper

Finding a Way Ahead!

Spiritual signposts to healing and wholeness

Angela Harper

Oct 2016

Powerful reflections on the spiritual nature of healing in a handy, read-anywhere book.