Wisdom from the Christian Mystics

How to Pray the Christian Way

David Torkington

Abide In My Love

More Divine Help for Today's Needs

John Woolley

Liberating Privilege

The Breakthrough of God and the Persistence of Normality

David O. Woodyard

Finding a Way Ahead!

Spiritual signposts to healing and wholeness

Angela Harper

Scarlet Cord, The

Conversations With God's Chosen Women

Lindsay Hardin Freeman
Karen N. Canton

Listening to God - Fuel for Ministry?

An examination of the influence of Prayer and Meditation, including the use of Lectio Divina, in Christian Ministry

John Draper

My Burden is Light

Companion to "I Am With You"

John Woolley

Divine justice, worldly justice, the kingdom of God Dec 4 2017

What is the difference between divine justice and worldly justice? God has the power to prevent everyone from ever acting unjustly, but he doesn’t have the power to make everyone act justly as a ...

Religion: Belief in the Past or Belief in the Future? Sep 18 2017

Inter-faith dialogue is one of the most encouraging developments of our time and a way of promoting and creating peace. However, in my view it often makes the mistake of focusing almost exclusively on...

Where has God gone? Aug 2 2017

Where has God gone? That’s a question that has echoed throughout history. We can travel back through the outrages of the Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing hearing the cries of those whose lives have be...

Brokenness - Paul Cudby Jun 10 2017

Tomorrow the church remembers the post-Easter encounter Jesus had with two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus, and how they didn't recognise him until that moment when he broke bread with them. (T...

This October: Finding a Way Ahead! Sep 27 2016

Author Angela Harper studied Theology at Spurgeon's College in London. Her chaplaincy roles have involved visiting the infirm in hospital and also working with a supermarket as their Store Chaplain. ...

What We're Afraid To Ask Sep 20 2016

The authors behind What We're Afraid to ask use their knowledge of psychology and biblical theology as a tool to help people recover from abuse. You can find them sharing insights on their faceboo...

Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light Sep 13 2016

Sharon Casey's Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light was published in October 2015. Here's what reviewers have been saying about it... "An inherently fascinating and inspiring read from beginning to e...